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The Day They Launched A Woodpecker

An alternative history of space exploration

  Shuttle / EVA


Do you know . . .

  That America once sent 50 elephants to the Moon?    
  About the rocket that was given a knighthood?    

Every year there are many lectures and presentations on space exploration. Some concentrate on the historical aspects, others on the technology.

This presentation looks at a different side of spaceflight - the funny side!

This is not a straight-forward history of space exploration, but a slightly twisted one, in which Jerry Stone draws on his many years of following the space programme to present a collection of stories that are not generally known to the public, including . . .

  How Wernher von Braun personally set a record for circling the Earth    
  The truth about the Zambian manned lunar landing programme    
  The lunar fork-lift truck    
    and, of course . . .    
  The day they launched a woodpecker!    

A presentation can be tailored to fit the time available, from cut-down selections lasting about an hour, up to around 2 hours with a break for refreshments!

Jerry has presented "The Day They Launched A Woodpecker" at various places, including

  The Baldock Festival    
    The Biggin Hill Society    
    The British Festival of Space    
    The British Interplanetary Society    
    The Mars Society conferences in Europe and the USA    
    St. Albans Caledonian Society    
    UK SEDS branches    
    University of Oxford Space & Astronomy Society    
    V & A Museum of Childhood    
    Various astronomical societies    

This is my most popular presentation, and is unlike anything you have ever heard before about space.

If you would like a presentation for your school, society or other organisation, then contact me now.

"An absolutely amazing presentation"

"I never thought space could be so interesting"

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