Apollo 11 : 1969-2009

How We Reached The Moon

Mankind's Incredible Adventure

  Footprint on the Moon



The future of the American Space progamme was given a boost with the announcement of a new initiative called the Constellation programme.

A central part of this programme involves manned missions to the Moon, but this will actually be a return to the Moon, more than 40 years after the last man stood upon its surface.

Here is a chance to hear how mankind originally flew to the Moon, from someone who lived through the incredible experience.

The presentation includes photos, audio and video, plus NASA artists' impressions from the early 1960s.

Models include a Lunar Module and a four-foot Saturn V rocket!

A presentation can be tailored to fit the time available, from about an hour up to a complete evening's entertainment.


Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Moon landing in a way you won't forget

There are still some who believe that the landing was faked.

What is the truth? Now you can find out. Explore the evidence in . . .

"Would You Believe - We Put A Man On The Moon"

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