Life in the Universe

Are we alone?



One of the greatest unanswered questions is that of whether or not we are alone in the universe.

We have now discovered over 2,000 planets that orbit other stars, and our galaxy alone contains around 300 billion stars! With the universe containing up to 200 billion galaxies, what are the chances that we are the only civilisation in the universe?

In the 19th century, Thomas Carlyle speculated on planets that might orbit other stars:

    "If they be inhabited, what a scope for misery and folly.  If they be not inhabited, what a waste of space."

Another famous quote on the subject goes:

    "Either we are alone in the universe - or we are not. In either case, the answer is staggering!"

Some of my earliest experiences of alien life forms were through watching the exploits of Steve Zodiac and his crew on “Fireball XL5” and Larry Dart’s team in “Space Patrol” in the early 1960s!

"Life in the Universe" covers a wide range of aspects of this topic, and near the end I list all the subjects that are touched on in the presentation.  Not just Biology, but also Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, Geography, History, Geology, and even Philosophy and Music!

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Take the Contact Challenge

One way of contacting other civilisations is by sending a radio message, so here is a challenge for you.  Download either the attached Word file, or the pdf file. They each includes a coded message and some instructions. See if you can decode the hidden messages. Let me know if you manage it.

Contact Challenge Word file          Contact Challenge PDF file

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