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Great British Blast-Off Rocket The Great British Blast-Off!

“If you want any details about space talks, anything to do with space, he’s the country’s foremost space expert - Jerry Stone. Look him up on Google. He’s blooming brilliant !
Roberto Perrone, BBC 3 Counties Radio

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Apollo 50 logo   
In 2019 we'll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first men on the Moon.

I'm giving a series of presentations about the Apollo missions at the British Interplanetary Society.
The first was in October, covering Apollo 1 and Apollo 7, and I'll be going through to the 50th anniversary of Apollo 17 in December 2022.
The last one was about Apollo 8 on December 18
and the next is about Apollo 9, on March 6  Book a place at this event here .

Book a presentation on Apollo, or a special day at your school, society, company or organisation.
Would you like to organise an event to mark Apollo at 50
? - Contact me.
Watch for more information coming soon!

Previewing the launch of NASA's InSight mission to Mars on Sky News Sunrise, 5 May 2018
Previewing the launch of NASA's "InSight" mission to Mars on Sky News "Sunrise", 5 May 2018
I was interviewed on BBC 3 Counties Radio on the evening of InSight's landing on Mars on November 26. Click here
On Sky News following InSight's landing
Interviewed on Sky News on November 27 by Jayne Secker and Colin Brazier, following
InSight's landing

Jerry with Tim Peake at The Sir Arthur Clarke Awards
At The Sir Arthur Clarke Awards - "The Space Oscars" - with guest presenter Tim Peake

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* * * Celebrate the Apollo missions * * * Book a space day for your school Next Apollo presentation - Wednesday 6 March : “Apollo 9 - Testing the Lunar Module“ at the British Interplanetary Society - Book here * * * 

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New Horizons at Pluto

New Horizons at Pluto
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On January 1, the New Horizons spacecraft will reach its next target - 2014MU69. In July 2015 New Horizons - with my name on it (!) reached Pluto and its moons ... but did it actually encounter a planet?

In 2006 the International Astronomical Union voted to re-classify Pluto as a Dwarf Planet, creating a constroversy that still continbues.  But does it need to?  Is there not a simple answer?

In an entertaining presentation, " Is Pluto A Planet?" looks at the IAU definition of a planet and some of its unexpected - and unintended - consequences.

I have given this presentation at nearly 30 locations around the UK.

If you'd like to see a presentation contact me
for more information or to make a booking

Further details here.

      Space and Astronomy Workshops    

Jerry with Tim Peake

Tim Peake and Jerry Stone

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I made a model of the ISS using K'Nex!

KNEX ISS model

British astronaut Tim Peake spent 6 months on the International Space Station.

Why not use the excitement of his mission to inspire students or workers by booking a day of space activities.

Would you like a fun and inspiring session on astronomy and space at your school or organisation?
Would you like your pupils or workers to be excited and entertained?
Spaceflight UK offers exciting activities and presentations that you will not forget in a hurry.
Book now for a day of activities that bring science alive!

You can also book workshops for universities, and as team-building sessions for companies.

How will your teams fare competing for the "Eggs-Prize"?
Will they have the eggspertise? Will they eggseed their eggspectations or will their eggstronaut crack up on landing and eggspire . . .

Build a model of the International Space Station (ISS)
... out of toilet rolls, pizza trays, lollipop sticks, straws and kitchen foil.
The finished model is 1.5 metres long, and is very accurate!

 - o - Rocket Science - o -

I have a Rocket Science pack!
It contains rocket seeds that were on the ISS for 6 months.
They have been sent to schools all over the UK to see if the seed growth is affected by them having been in space.
This is to help see if astronauts can grow some of their food in space.

Rocket Science seed experiment pack

Click on the image for a larger version

  Space Is Big!      Mission To Mars  
Build The Space Station

A cross between "Scrapheap Challenge",
"The Apprentice" & "Dragon's Den"

Details available here
Click here for a flyer


"The children will be talking about this day for a long time!"
"A brilliant day was had by all"         "It was the best day ever"
"A shame we didn't have longer"     "The workshops were excellent (and) well organised"
"Year 11 were blown away by their session!"        "Thank you so much - it was fantastic!"
"A really well organised and resourced day - I would book again!"
"Quite educational, inspiring and entertaining."
"Jerry was fantastic. So organised, so many helpful resources. Year 1 had a fabulous day
and are so excited about learning more about space."
"Thank you - we had a fantastic day. The girls listened well and really enjoyed
learning about space."
"You had super behaviour management skills and the workshop was excellent,
well organised and definitely a memorable learning experience for all."
"This was a fantastic day for students and staff. Top class!"
"A fantastic day which the pupils and parents thoroughly enjoyed.
The content was pitched at the children's level and was delivered
with great enthusiasm.  Thank you."

"You worked so hard throughout the day, barely having time for lunch.

The children were enthused by your knowledge and the time you spent

with each and every one of them."
"Thank you for your time today - non-stop learning! A great start to our science week."
"The children were very engaged and have already started asking to re-do the session."
"A great pleasure and priveledge to be educated on space by an expert who showed passion and knowledge on the subject! Thank you!"

"From this workshop we will have children who will develop an interest for science, simply because you made it engaging, fun and reachable for them - Thank you for inspiring the next generation of scientists."

Click here to see pictures from my day at Al-Furqan Primary School in Birmingham.

Click here for details of the workshops

Contact me to make a booking.

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      Space and Astronomy Presentations    

A range of informative and entertaining presentations about astronomy and space exploration.

Click here for details of all the presentations

Here are just a few of the titles.   For items marked with an asterisk (*) click on the title for more information.

Nell, Esther and Aunt Effie Click here for a poster.
A special presentation to mark the 90th anniversary of the world's first liquid-fuelled rocket. find out the significance of Nell, Esther and Aunt Effie! Contact me for details.
NEW - The Race Into Space Click here for a poster.
A look back at the famous Brooke Bond Tea cards issued in the 1970s, comparing them with reality. 
Is Pluto A Planet?  *
A controversial look at the official definition of a planet, and its unintended consequences. Now booking. Contact me for details.
Time and Space
The link between astronomy and time.
The Way To The Stars
The search for a real starship.
How We Reached The Moon  *
Mankind's greatest achievement

Would You Believe - We Put A Man On The Moon  *

Was it really a hoax? Find out the truth!

Colonies In Space  *
A new home for mankind, and a way to solve many of our problems on Earth!

Visiting the Lord of the Rings  *

The Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn

Life in the Universe  *

A look at the question of whether or not we are alone

The Day They Launched A Woodpecker  *

Did you know that America once sent 50 elephants to the Moon?

The Next 50 Years In Space
2011 marked 50 years of human spaceflight. What might the next 50 years bring?

  ... and many more. Click here for a page with details of all my titles.

Download a flyer with details of my presentations here

I have also found out the truth about Galileo's discovery of the moons of Jupiter!
Contact me for details of my special presentation on this remarkable topic.

I have spoken at venues all across the UK and abroad, including . . .

Astronomical societies across the UK
The British Interplanetary Society
The Edinburgh Festival
The Farnborough Air Show
The Palace of Westminster
The Royal Institution
The Royal Observatory, Greenwich
Stargazing Live
UKSEDS Conferences
The World Science Fiction Convention
Meetings of the U3A, Rotary groups and many more

"The most inspiring lecture we have ever had."        "Fabulous"
"Visually stunning!"    "As though he worked on the mission himself!"
"A wonderfully entertaining talk"        "The best lecture I have heard"
"A fantastic presentation" "A very informative, highly interesting and entertaining talk"
"A splendid evening's information entertainment that we probably won't see again for a while"
"When can you come back?"

"You are by far the most professional, organised and helpful speaker I have dealt with."


Take an opportunity to hear from
"One of the leading speakers on space exploration"

Contact me to make a booking.

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      I'm also an author . . .    
One Small Step

One Small Step

"One Small Step" is presented as the scrap-book of a young space enthusiast whose grandfather worked in Mission Control during the Moon landings.
It's full of pictures, flaps to lift and things to pull out.

Sir Patrick Moore said "It's marvellous!"

Click here for further details
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      Radio and TV interviews    


Neil Armstrong
1930 - 2012

See my special page and watch my interviews on BBC and Sky News here

Sir Patrick Moore
1923 - 2012

See my special page here

You can find other interviews here.

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      Exploring Mars    

I am the President of the Mars Society UK, which is part of a world-wide organisation of people dedicated to the exploration of the planet Mars.

Find out about the Mars Society UK
Full details here.

The European Space Agency's Aurora programme is to explore Mars
Find out how you can help here.

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      Other activities . . .    

The Colonisation of Space

I am leading a project to update the designs for space colonies.

Back in the 1970s designs were produced for huge space colonies, constructed using the technology of that period, that could ultimately house millions of people.
What may seem really amazing is that the construction of the colonies would bring huge benefits to the Earth.

I am leading a project at the British Interplanetary Society to update the plans in view of the advances in technology since the 1970s.

If you are interested, if you would like a presentation on space colonies, or if you would like to be involved, you can find more details here.

Click on the images for larger versions

Launch Red Nose rockets for Comic Relief!

During March 2013 I began offering schools the opportunity to do some unusual fund-raising for Comic Relief by letting pupils and parents launch a Red Nose-cone rocket!
This  raised over 300 and is believed to be a unique method of raising funds.

Your school or organisation can take part in this fun activity during March 2017.  Contact me for details

Is Pluto A Planet?

The New Horizons spacecraft reached distant Pluto in July 2015 . . .
But did it encounter a planet?

In 2006 the IAU voted to re-classify Pluto as a Dwarf Planet.
What exactly does that mean?   Just how many planets do we really have?

Book this entertaining look at the IAU's criteria, and discover a definitive answer to the question.

Details here.

New Horizons at Pluto

The crash of SpaceShipTwo

See my  page about the crash of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo.

Details here

The end of The End of the World

The world didn't end on 21 December 2012 after all, but why should it?

Find the truth behind the nonsense about the Mayan calendar, Nibiru and other stupid claims.

Details here.

Find out about the Transit of Venus here, including my Transit Trek.

Listen to my interviews about the Transit, general astronomy and space exploration.

Click here for some images of the International Space Station
passing over.

Listen to my interview about this on 106 Jack FM.

ISS and Jupiter

The Persid Meteor Shower

For details of the various meteor showers visible during the year click here.

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If you are interested in arranging a presentation on astronomy or space  exploration
contact me at info @ spaceflight-uk.com

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