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Here are some photos of my activities in schools around the country

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"Space Is Big!"

Well it is, but saying that the Moon is so many miles or kilometres doesn't really convey the distance.

This workshop instroduces pupils to the scale of the universe, working outwards from the Earth to the Moon and planets.

Using inflatables,     pupils find out just how far it really is to the Moon, and also how many planets we really have - which is not the number in the National Curriculum!

The Earth and the Moon   The Earth and the Moon

"Mission To Mars"

We have been fascinated by the Red Planet, from even before H. G. Wells wrote about Martian invaders.

In this workshop, pupils build rockets and launch them (generally) towards Mars.
Then they design and build Mars landers to see if they can land their payload - a raw egg - safely!

How to build a rocket   Building a Mars Lander

Testing a Mars Lander   Building a Mars Lander

"Build The Space Station"

The International Space Station has been constantly occupied since November 2000.
Since that time there have always been people in space.

In this workshop, pupils build their own model of the ISS . . . out of toilet rolls, pizza trays, wooden skewers, lollipop sticks, straws and kitchen foil !

The workshop takes a minimum of 2 hours, the finished model is almost 1.5 metres long - and the school keeps it.

Space Station display with Time Peake   The ISS model

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