The Mars Society UK

"To further the exploration and settlement of the Red Planet"


The very first public meeting of the Mars Society was held in the UK on July 4, 1998. Now the organisation has branches (or chapters) around the world.

Each national branch of the Mars Society defines its own specific areas of activity, which may include the following:

  • Information through national Mars Society websites to the public and to the media on the scientific goals and value of Mars exploration, the role of humans in the exploration of Mars, past and planned manned and unmanned Mars exploration missions, and perspectives of human settlement on Mars
  • Provision of access to existing information on Mars exploration projects
  • Organisation of international contests such as the Mars Rover Contest
  • Organisation and conduct of national and international Mars Society Conferences
  • The establishment and operation of “Mars Analogue Research Stations” allowing performing of simulation on Earth of a large variety of activities and operations in preparation fo future Mars missions
  • Conduct of Mars exploration projects such as the Mars balloon project ARCHIMEDES, Mars rovers and space suits
  • Field tests in environments simulating Mars conditions
  • Participation in and organisation of meetings and symposia
  • Presentations in schools and to the public

The UK chapter has been involved in many of these activities, and we look forward to you taking part.

If you are interested in joining the committee then please contact the society President.

If you are excited by the idea of exploring another planet, then why not join us?

Details of joining the society are currently being changed - Watch out for the new membership form coming soon.

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Join us in the exploration of another planet!


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